SandBayJewelry FAQ:

Do I have to mail you my own sand?  

In most cases, yes. Please ask as I do have a growing "sand library" but in most cases you will have to send your own sand. Note: Please DO NOT remove sand or any other organics from places where it is prohibited to do so. National parks, private property, heritage sites, etc. 

How much sand do you need?

1 tablespoon (1T) of dry sand is enough for most single item orders.  I may request more sand if it is a multiple piece order. Please let me know if you want any leftover sand sent back to you with your complete jewelry/gift order.

How do you get the sand needed for my order?

The best way to mail sand to me is to seal dry sand inside 2 zip-locking bags, labeled with your name and the beach where the sand came from. A padded envelope is highly recommended. Regular envelopes do not protect the bags of sand.

This is also the best practice when mailing precious cremation ashes for memorial jewelry.

For a small additional fee, I offer a “Sand Kit” that works very well for mailing sand, ashes and any other inclusions, as well. This can be ordered on this site. 

Mail Sand to:

Sand Bay Jewelry

1801 2nd Avenue

Suite 933

International Falls, MN 56649


Are there places from which you do not accept sand?

SBJ does not accept sand collected from any sites that prohibit removal of the sand. For example, national parks prohibit removing any natural elements.  By sending sand/organics to SBJ, you are verifying that you have completed the necessary due diligence and that removal of the sand/organics you submit is NOT prohibited. SBJ does not take on this responsibility, due to the overwhelming number of places from which sand/organics may be sourced. Please be respectful, as well as careful, when harvesting the small amount of sand necessary for your custom work.

Are there other things can be incorporated into these pieces? 

Absolutely!  In fact, we love casting infield “dirt” from baseball fields, beach glass, tiny shells, grass clippings from golf courses, moss or lichen, pine needles, dried greens, wedding flowers, etc. If you have something that makes your location unique, just ask!

Again, no sand or organic materials should be removed without consent from private property or without first checking regulations covering local, national, state and tribal locations.  Please respect this policy as it is very important for the integrity and spirit of our work.

Do you make memorial jewelry with cremation ashes?

Yes, I do. It is always an honor to do this special work. Memorial ash jewelry can be made with ashes alone instead of sand, incorporating ashes into the sand (“Grandpa’s favorite fishing spot”) or mixed in with a variety of colored mica powders. Just ask along with your order and we can make something truly fitting for your remembrance jewelry or gift.

How long before I receive my order?

Once I receive your sand in the mail, it will take me approximately 2 weeks to get your order to you.  If there are any reasons that I feel there may be a delay, I will contact you before beginning to create your order and we can discuss a possible new time frame or other solution suitable to both of us.

Returns, refunds and repair

RETURNS: Because all Sand Bay Jewelry & Gifts custom are made-to-order items, I do not accept returns. 

REFUNDS*: Refunds are considered on a case by case basis.

REPAIRS: I stand behind my products and will honor defective or damaged goods by offering free repair, refund* or replacement for 90 days after purchase.  Please email me at sandbaygifts@gmail.com with any issues.

JEWELRY WEAR INSTRUCTIONS: Sand Bay Jewelry is intended for adornment only and is not indestructible and should be cared for like any fine jewelry. It should not be worn to swim, bathe or while participating in sports or other vigorous activities. Damage or breakage during such activities may not be covered by this policy. 

*Refund for damaged item requires returning the damaged piece to Sand Bay Jewelry.

Is your jewelry suitable to people who are sensitive to metals?

This really depends on an individual’s natural chemistry, the use of lotions and essential oils, etc.  The majority of my components are handcrafted and plated in the United States out of lead-free pewter or brass, plated with nickel-free 24k gold and .999 fine silver and are in compliance with EU Standards. However, due to the variations in an individual’s chemistry, environmental changes, use of lotions and/or essential oils, SBJ cannot guarantee these products to be hypoallergenic.  If you have any issues, email sandbaygifts@gmail.com.

Where is your jewelry made? 

I work out of a small studio in International Falls, Minnesota. The majority of the jewelry findings I use are designed and plated in 24k gold, .999 fine silver and copper by artisans at a woman owned/operated company in the United States. The quality of these components is remarkable, and I am proud to be able to offer that quality to my customers.

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at sandbaygifts@gmail.com

With Gratitude ~

Barb Owen-Boerger



Sand Bay Jewelry & Gifts